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AYDIN-SELCUK (bicycle)

sunny 34 °C

Owner of minibus waked me at 6 in the morning. He was more than kind and offered me also free breakfast and tea. I was feeling little guilty and gave him cycling t-shirt for his son. I stated to cycle soon after breakfast. I had to cycle 60km to reach town Selcuk. I had another flat ire after 20km of ride.

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In the morning I checked out of the pension and went directly to ATM. There was still no money on the account. I started to get suspicious and made a call to the bank. I found out, that that day was national holiday in Slovenia and banks didnt work. Same thing happend to me while we were cycling on Sri Lanka and I was mad on myself. My bad luck was, that it was Friday and I had to wait for money till Monday:( I had to find a way out somehow. I had few friends in Slovenia who could help me, but there was national holiday and Western Union didnt work. I called friends I met in Cappadoccia and Ihsan was willing to help. He made a transfer of 50TL trough post office. For me this was a nice surprise and I was able to enter a bus to Aydin at 18h. Turkey people are really friendly. The guy who helped me, knew me only few days and he trusted me so much, that he send me almost all his money. He didnt have a lot of money, but he didnt show no signs of greed. I promissed, that I will return to Goreme in 2 weeks with my girlfriend and this was enough for him....
I was driving on bus for more than 4 hours and saw one of the worst storms in my life. It was over in 15 minutes and huge amounts of rain felt. We arrived to Aydin at dark. I couldnt cycle to Selcuk as I planned, so I tried to find cheap room. I had only 35TL on myself which should normally be enough to get a cheap room and few kebabs, but it was not. Nobody knows why, but this town is a destination for many local people. On weekend they fill all beds and it is impossible to find a room, at least cheap one. I soon find out, that almost everything is full and that I dont have enough money to stay in a room. Sadly I went back to bus station whee I intend to wait till morning. I had to watch for my things and bike, so I was sure, that this will be night without a sleep again. I was lucky again and bus drivers were very friendly. They offered me an accommodation in mini bus. I accepted the offer because all I wanted was to sleep. Again this was a strange surprise for me. In my country, this could never happend....After locking my bike in small ticket room I went to mini bus and slept like baby till 6 in the morning...

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We ha a nice time relaxing on beach when bad news arrived. Teddy received and sms from his brother and news were not good. Brother needed his help and Teddy had to return back home immediately. We decided, that he will cycle back to Antalya and from there to Istanbul with bus and train to Slovenia. My plan was to get on the bus to Fethye and from there by boat to Izmir. Teddy owed me some money and gaved me back 50 eur. Reather thn cycle 11km in serious hill, we payed for minibus which took us to the top of the mountain. Here we said good bye and Teddy start pedaling toward Antalya. I had to wait only 15 minutes till minibus arrived. First he took me to small town called Finike, where I had to wait 30 minutes for second bus. This bus was little bigger, but still 1/2 smaller than normal one. My bad luck was, that luggage department was full and only way to transport my bike was inside of the bus. Driver allow me to lift my bike on the bus for extra ticket. He was one of the profitable guys and I didnt have any choice but to pay double price. We were driving for 4 hours till we arrived to Fethiye. Fethiye is famous marine from where most of blue voyage boat rides starts. It should also be a ferry port as a local guy from Olympos has told me. I found out, that cheapest ticket for Bodrum is 300 eur and ride takes 4 days. There was only ferry connection to greek island Rhodes. No good news for me, but I had a lot of time. that is why I didnt bother and searched for cheap room. I made a money transfer to my bank card in the morning and had to wait to be visible on account. I was sure, that it will be there in the morning so I didnt care and went out to party. Later I was very sorry for that....


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sunny 35 °C

Again we started to cycle arround 10 in the morning in direction Olympos. First 50km were not so hard and mostly flat. We had to cycle trough 2 tunnels on heavy traffic road which was little bit scary. I also had luck and experienced second flat tire which was exchanged with new. All the time road goes near coast and we were ridding trough pine tree woods smelling the Mediterranean sea. There are only few small touristic towns on the road, packed with rich Russian tourists. Second part of road was much harder with plenty of hills. We had to climb at least 25km till we reached the top of mountain with road sign "Olympos antic kenti 11km". This was great relief, because we were in the end with the power. All we had to do now was to ride downhill to the village and find accommodation. After so,me serious negotiating we hired a room in Kadirs top tree house resort.
The Olympos village is located in the heart of the Olympos coastal national park. The surrounding area offers best conditions for Trekking, Mountain biking, Canyoning, Rock climbing, Sea kayaking. It is possible to rent equipment in the village or to join organized tours. The former city of Olympos was founded in the Hellenistic period, presumably taking its name from nearby Mount Olympos, one of over twenty mountains with the name Olympos in the Classical world. There are still plenty of antic ruins all over the place. It is only allowed to build houses from wood and that is why you can sleep only in tree house. Today many people visit Olympos, but this are mostly backpackers and adventurists. It is not packed with package tourism which I liked very much. Village is also only 3km from beautiful beach, so we decided to stay for couple of days and enjoy for a while.


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CIDE-ANTALYA (bicycle)

sunny 38 °C

Cide and Antalya are connected with regional road which is full of traffic. There was another option, but with many hills, so we decided for 85km of costal road. In this time of year, temperatures rise till 40 degrees during the day which makes cycling even harder. We started at 10 in the morning and were again rewarded with extreme hot temperatures (38). In 3 hours worst was over and we arrived to Antalya. Antalya is a touristic town with only 100.000 original residents. Because of growing tourism 900.000 people moved to Antalya in last 20 years and today it has 1 milion resident:) It absorbes 30% of all toursists who visit this country.
We are not after mass tourism and that is why we wanted to leave as soon a possible. We took only one day here to explore the town. Something special is ancient part of the town where our pension was located. You can enter it trough Hadrians gate and feel like time has stopped. On other side is beautiful park with sea view. Here you can see also an old Hıdırlık Tower dating back to Hellenistic era. This city has also well transportation system. Best and cheapest way is using tram.


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